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Ido Off Road Center Ltd.

Is the leading institute in the Israeli off road community, specializes in design and development of unique off road vehicles for extreme and rough terrain, military, security and rally racing. Ido Off Road Center ltd was founded in 1982 by Mr Ido Cohen, the leading figure in the ISRAELI off road arena. Mr. Ido cohen is the general manager of Ido Off Road Center and the head supervisor on each of the designs and improvements build by the off road center.

Off road engineering and R&D

The company's in house engineering and R&D department designed, developed and built unique off road vehicles for military demand for the IDF including the Combat Guard, Axe, the new Storm LRV, REX, and the Zibar.

Our clients: Refael, Elbit sysems, Aeronautics systems, The Israeli Salt Company, the Israeli Defense Force (I.D.F), Mahindra & Mahindra, Hydrofix, Soltam Systems Ltd, Colmobile - Mercedes Benz & Mitsubishi representatives in Israel and many more.



The Zibar Project

The Zibar project was born upon a special demand of the IDF resulting in the best off road vehicle in the world. The Zibar is a unique off road automotive platform designed to stand extremely harsh environmental conditions. The Zibar offers unmatched functionality, mobility and survivability on a unique flexible platform which can be easily tailored for every customers need such as a fast attack vehicle, security vehicle, light armored vehicle, transforming soldiers or equipment in the pickup version.

The Zibar Project
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Zibar 4x4 off-road vehicle is the best off-road vehicle in the world, the Zibar platform can be easily adpted to any special application, contact us for furthe information.

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