Zibar 4×4 off-road vehicle is a unique off-road vehicle. The Zibar platform can be easily adapted to any special application, contact us for further information.

Our Vehicles

Zibar Trooper

The Zibar Trooper is designed to serve as a troop carrier for  ground forces.

Combining fast deployment and the ability to carry multiple men along with all the required equipment.

The Zibar Trooper can be easily adapted in any application needed.


Zibar MK2

The Zibar MK2 is the most extreme version of our vehicle incorporating racing style suspension design and components with luxurious cabin including sound system and air conditioning and workhorse capabilities .


The Z-Mag is a special adaptation of the Trooper variant to the needs of a special mobility unit in the Israeli Army.

Combining lightweight but tough chassis with powerful drivetrain and specially  tuned suspension components creates high payload capabilities while maintaining high off-road mobility.


Zibar 4×4

The Zibar vehicle ,  is the one of  best off-road vehicle in the world.

The Zibar platform can be easily adpted to any special application, contact us for furthe information.

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