Zibar MK2

The ZIBAR MK2 is a unique off-road Automotive platform, this tactical vehicle adapted to harsh environmantal conditions.

With an impressive 4X4 off-road specification, powered by 620 horse power by a powerful V8 engine and a robust Automatic Transmission, which enbles it to handle extremely hostile Terrain and tackle demanding off-road challenges.

Extreme mobility

The ZIBAR MK2, has been tested in Deserts across the world in operating temperatures up to 55 degrees Celsius. Handling sand dunes, rocky trails, swamps and water, this Machine is UNSTOPABLE!!!
Offering unmatched Functionality, mobility and suvivability, enabling Tactical Forces and special units fast deployment times and high Maneuverability.

The ZIBAR MK2 offers  a unique Flexible 4×4 platform  which can be easily and quickly Tailored to each Customer’s special needs, while maintaining Flexibility for later changes.

ZIBAR MK2 – central evening news
zibar mk2 – new adittion
The ZIBAR MK2 Conqueror mount Horshan November 2012
The Zibar mk2 and sky sapience ‘Hovermast’
zibar parade 2012
Sema show Las-Vegas 2012

Weights and Dimension

Curb weight: 2,690 kg * (5,930Lb)

Payload: 575 kg – includes fuel tank 190 L (50 gal)
G.V.W: 3,265 kg

Overall Width: 2,200 mm (86,61″)

Overall Length: 5,280 mm (207.87″)

Overall Height: 1,900 mm (74.80”)
Wheel Base: 3,600 mm (141.73″)


Ground Clearance:
Clearance Under Axles – 380 mm (14.9”)
Clearance Under Body – 530 mm (20.8”)

Top speed: 200 KM/h (124M/h)

Acceleration 0-100 km (0-60 M): 5 seconds

Approach Angle: 90 deg

Departure Angle: 38 deg

Side slope handling: 60%

Longitudinal slope handling: 100%

Ditch Crossing: 0.8 M (2.6′)

Step Climbing Ability: 0.75 M (2.4’)

Water Obstacle Crossing: 0.8 M (2.6′)

Operation Range: fully loaded condition – 700 Km (435 m)

Engine, Transmission and Driveline components

Engine Type: LQ4 GM 6L

Engine power: 430 hp (320 kW) @ 5900 rpm

Engine torque: 424 lb-ft (574 Nm) @ 4600 rpm

Transmission: Automatic 3 speed TH400 Race grade

Transfer case: B&W 2×4/ 4×4 with 1:1 high / 1:2.75 low gear

Front axle: Dana 60 ,4.88 ratio ,35 spline

Rear axle: Dana 70 ,4.88 ratio ,35 spline

The ZIBAR MK2 at the Sema show 2012